Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Election Day!!

It's November 4th 2008 It's Election Day.. We will see who are new President will be by the end of the day.. I took Nicky to school this morning and I stopped by the College of Idaho to cast my vote. I even got a sticker that says "I VOTED"..

Well, five days went by fast, the weekend was good, we help Angelia's Great Grandmother moved on Saturday.. Then went over to their house for Dinner.

On Sunday, I had a open house party with a friend who is selling Avon.. Well, I drove over to her house, set up and no one showed up. It was ok.. It went by fast. Nicky went with me.. After 3pm we packed up and went home.
I went to the neighbor's house to visit with Neil, Angelia, Sherry and Lee. Lee bought a used red Geo so they were helping lee get it all ready to drive.. Cute little car...

On Monday, I had a day off from work, (monday are my days off).. I took Nicky to school then came home and did some stuff around the house, Neil came over to wash blankets. Nothing exciting happened, trying to recover from this tooth thing. It's getting better I think..

So off to run the dishwasher and get ready for one client to clean for, then get a haircut today.. Have to figure out what to have for breakfast.. :)

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