Monday, October 27, 2008

Hi There..

it's been a good weekend, On Saturday Night we got invited to
Mark's Parents house for his sister's birthday.
Happy Birthday Teresa!!
We had tacos, chips and bean dip!

Sunday we went to Costco to pick up some dog food, halloween candy, corn dogs, Almond Roco for someone special and other food items.
We were coming home and seen Neil and Angelia, they were heading to Walmart to go grocery shopping. I texted them to pick up some extra
strength Orajel for my toothache that I have been having trouble
with.. It coming and going........... it hurts alot!!!

A friend of mine Melissa and I are going to have a Open House
party with her Avon and my Mia Bella Candles.. She came by to drop off some flyers for me to give out.. It's at her house next Sunday, November 2 at 1pm to 3pm.. Of course I don't have much to show off, but I hope to get some sales..
Wish me luck.

Today is Monday, my day off, going to relax and try to get this toothache under control.. The Dishes are done in the dishwasher from the weekend and now on to the laundry...mopped the kitchen floor and if i feel like it I might clean up the bathroom, might even washed hubby's clothes and vacuum the house..

This week should be a easy week, I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
and take a vacation day on Friday!!! It's Pay Day and I have to give Neil some
money for his truck registration.. And Oh it's Angelia's birthday on Thursday!!
Have to get something special for her !!!

I hope today doesn't go by that fast...

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~C~ said...

awe - hope your tooth feels better :( - Good Luck at the open House! :)