Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh this tooth/gum ache, I am getting tired of it, everytime I eat something, it hurts. It comes and goes, and when it comes it hurts that my side of my face hurts with it. When is it going to stop??

I have two clients today, so it should be a easy day.. Went though the bills
yesterday after getting off work so now I have to find a place for them..
Have to get ready for this Open House this weekend.. Should be a fun party..

Now since we have the DVR, I got to watch the "Little People, Big World". I love this show... It would be fun to visit them... and to see their ranch.

Zito is getting bigger, he likes to play with the red bug, it's a laser light that
he likes to chase around the house. It's funny sometimes he digs and tries
to bite it.. He chews on his rawhide bone, he carries it around the house..
Last night he slept in the bathtub.. LOL

Sorry it's taking me forever to write this today.............

Have a great Wednesday!!!!

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