Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It's Wednesday, I am doing this early this evening, I am going to bed...
Well, today went by fast, and I had three clients so it kind of made it a long day,
I finally got home, Nicky said the TV didn't work, so I try to figure out what happened to it, I called the Cable Company and the lady did not know what I was taking about on the new DVR.. It had a "standby" light on it that wouldn't go away, finally she rebooted it, which means, shutting it down and starting it back up again, meaning that we lost our favorites.. well, after a few minutes of stressing, Mark came home and pushed a button on the remote, and waaalaaa, it worked.. I am not sure if it was because he knew what to push or if the DVR rebooted itself..
So I am going to head for bed......... need my rest.... have 2 clients tomorrow, so it will be a easy day!!!

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