Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I guess I am getting this backwards, I don't blog in the morning, I blog in the late night...LOL I got up with Nicky this morning, he took the bus to school, (usually have to take him, which I don't mind), then I went back to sleep, woke up around 10am, got ready and went to work............. it's not easy going back to
work when I have three days off.. It went well, got off around 3pm, came home and sat down to watch a show on my tivo... then Nicky came home, Mark came home, then Nicky and I went to Neil and Angelia's house for Dinner...and we went to the Movies tonight.. We seen "Pineapple Express" It was funny but I got bored with it.. Neil said it was a good movie..

Next Tuesday I am fixing dinner and going to watch "Death Race" We already
made up the Menu, Tator Tot Casserole..

well, that is how my day went, same will be tomorrow, have three clients...

so off to bed..............

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~C~ said...

Hey I know how ya feel - I have been off for the last 5 days and have to go back tomorrow :( Waaaa haha - Hey LMK how Death race is - I love Jason Statham Movies - He is Sexxy - Woot! lol