Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!!

Please stop the spinning room, I want to get off now!!! Neil took me over to my sister in law's house.. We made up scent samples, watched "Sex in the City" movie and drank ... Neil picked me up around 11pm...then the room kept spinning around.... I think I drank too fast.

I have to green bean casserole in the oven right now, I still have to put the cheesecake filling in to the pie crust.. Not sure if I should wait and fix it over to my brother's house.. we are going over there for Pie.

Happy Turkey Day!!
Just Wanted to say Hope Your Day Is A Filling One!
And let You Know I Am Thankful Your My Friend!!


~C~ said...

uh oh turkey day hangover? lol Happy Thanksgiving my friend..

Sabrae said...

Loved the Sex and the City Movie!!! Not sure what the drinking anymore is like! lol but you have fun with that hang over!