Monday, November 24, 2008

It's early Monday..

Good day Blog Readers... How are you this fine Monday Morning... LOL

This weekend was fun... I rearrange the dining room area, well cleaned it up a little bit so we can walk past the table...LOL Bills, (to be gone thru still), stuff like old mail, candle stuff, toys and other crap that we have piled up in that area. LOL. I still have to go thru the bills from this year.. and organize them into a folder.

Today I slept in till noon, Yes noon 12pm... Woke up to hearing my son's truck and he was in the house... He said, Mom, where is everyone at? I said we are sleeping, it was a late night.. Oh My husband's friend came over and stayed til 3am... I took Nicky over to Mark's Sister's house to spend the night, I was thinking about staying there over night but when she shut everything down, like the tv, I woke up around 11pm and I went home. I turned on the tv on in the bedroom and went to sleep...LOL I have to have some kind of noise and light when I sleep.. Anyways, the day went by fast.. Angelia came over around 2pm when I picked up Nicky, she was over here. Angelia is now a Avon Representative!!

It's going to be a super easy week.... I only work one day this week, which is Tuesday!!! I am taking Wednesday off for vacation pay... Since Nicky is out of school, someone has to be there...LOL

Ok off to bed, more later, waving to my friend's ~C~ and Sabrae... They are the only ones following me.....



~C~ said...

I am the opposite - I have to have total silence & darkness when i

Sabrae said...

I'm definatly the same as ~c~ complete silence and darkness! lol! WAVING back to you!