Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh My Gosh Christine, I hope your eye isn't that bad.. That looks so sore and very uncomfortable.. Giving you a big hug..

Well, it's Tuesday and my only work day... I have three clients today, it's a easy day, the first two clients require 1.25 hours each, then the third client is a 2 hour..

I took Nicky to school early this morning, Tucker our oldest dog wanted to ride in the car.. He sat in the back seat till we moved then he started to bark.. Leaving Sweetie (she doesn't go anywhere) and Zito at home in the cold.. I wasn't gone for every long..

Last night I went to bed early, I was watching WWE Raw and feel asleep waiting for John Cena to come out.. I didn't get to see him.. Stephanie slapped Shane in front of everyone..

The reason why I went to bed early was hubby got mad because I broke his chair.. I didn't do much yesterday except watch tv all day... and sat in his chair.
We can find him another one, he is now using the red chair that I was using before getting this chair from the neighbors.. And my chair is about to break as well.. I think... So I am staying away from him.... Now I get to clean up the area where the red chair was.. My job is never done..

The weather outside is Cold and the windows were frosty.. Not sure what the high will be today, now I have to take a coat with me.. All my sweaters that I wear are in the back seat of the car now. LOL Nicky went out to scrape the windows.. He is a good boy... He is getting better about helping around the house.. He helped me clean the dining room area.. Still have to clean up the living room and bathroom... Oh well, tomorrow is another day of house work..

Will post later when I get home .............


~C~ said...

thankies ~D~ :) - I wish i could get my son to help out around here- it's like pulling teeth just to get him to take out the trash for me - little booger! haha My son is a lazy little man..lol

Diane said...

well, Nicky doesn't help much around the house, I was surprised that he helped me. But he is doing better..

Hope you are having a Great Tuesday!!

Sabrae said...

Sounds like you had somewhat of an eventful day! lol

Diane said...

Housework sucks LOL I just felt like posting that..