Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday!!! Yeah

So happy it was Friday today, had to work, had a staff meeting this morning at 8:30am. That went well, we discussed Tuesday's Veteran's Day (Holiday which means Day Off with Pay), the day before Thanksgiving we have to turn in our clients sheet for the month, plus the mileage sheet and we get paid that day...We get paid for Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving!!
And we discussed the Christmas party on December 5.... They are providing Sandwiches from Subway and we can bring something tasty to eat as well... (I was thinking about buying something from Gourmet Mixes to bring...)

I went to my first client today, she is a very nice lady, she told me that she just got out of the hospital; she had a operation last week and spent four days in there.. She is a very nice lady..
I enjoy cleaning for her...

Neil my 21 year old son watched my little son Nicky who is 10 years old, Nicky likes to spend time with his Big Brother.. They went over to Neil's Girlfriend's (Angelia) Grandmother. Neil mowed the yard for her.. Then went to McDonald's for lunch, I gave them $5.. I appreciate what Neil does for me..........

So today went better than yesterday... not sure what we are doing this weekend.. I went to put $12 in Gas today and got 4.9 gallons.. wow, that is neat!! I mean, Gas is going down..which is nice!!

So have a great weekend!!!


Sabrae said...

Sound like a good time at the Christmas party coming up! I love Subway! Have a great weekend!

~C~ said...

Hey I know what ya mean about the gas - I thrw $20 in now & it almost fills my tank - gas is $2.27 here in PA :)