Thursday, November 6, 2008


Oh what a day.. I went to work, clean one client's house, I got a phone call from a friend who wanted me to take her to the grocery store, (long story), I told her I had another client to clean for, she said ok, I finished up with the first client and then went to the second client, she didn't answer, so i called and left her a message to call me back, no call back, so I went to pick up my friend to go to the store, we took a hour grocery shopping, then I dropped her off and help her with the groceries, came home and try to pick up Nicky but he was at his friend's house, then went to the school for his parent teacher conference, we had to go to the book fair and spend money, then finally got home around 4:15pm Boy it was a stressful day..

Now, Nicky wants his friend to spend the night tonight, I don't think so, I have a meeting at 8:30am at my work... then off to clean for two clients... I am not sure if Neil will be able to watch Nicky, he has plans with Angelia's grandmother.. And I can not take the day off..

When is the weekend coming?? Enough about my day how was yours??


Sabrae said...

Well my day wasn't as hectic as yours :) I sat around all day and slept most of it away. Which could be why I am up now at 3am! lol went out for a bit with the girls tonight becuz my best friend is home from Oregon for her baby shower and I should be sleeping becuz I have to be up at 6:30am to get ready for a court appointment.... but hey...I guess that is how insomnia works! :)

~C~ said...

my day was busy also - my son had his book fair going on too - he spend like $30 on books on Monday. Me - It was just non stop phone calls all day - I came home, ate dinner and watched Chef Ramsey then went to bed!