Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, Love my DVR.....

Today is Veteran's Day and I have the Day off with Pay.. So I am sitting here at my computer again....................... thinkin I should be doing something productive... HAHA!!

I or I should WE love our DVR ... Oh it's wonderful.... You can pause live tv and watch it later!
Yesterday I paused Rachael Ray Show and watched it later with out any commercials (I fast forwarded thru those).. Since there are so many shows on last Night that my husband and I like to watch.. We dvr'ed Little People, Big World (Diane's show), hubby dvr'ed Monday Night Raw and Heroes, well I am not sure what he was dvr'ing I wasn't paying too much attention I was playing a game online that I found.. But after we watched Wrestling, we watch the Little People, Big World" show, then we watched Ralphie May, I looked at the clock around 11pm last night and then woke up around 2:30am .... I guess I fell alseep....hehehe

But I love this DVR Box!!! I was telling my husband that we are getting way to use to it... LOL
Plus we switched to Digital Phone so our Cable Bill is going to be outrageous!! LOL what you do for little things in life!!

Today I get to go to Nicky's school for a meeting......... at 4pm... So I have another day to myself..

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Sabrae said...

is it bad that I forgot that it is a national holiday??? oops!