Monday, November 10, 2008


Oh day off for a Monday.... Spending time vacuuming the house and I did a load of laundry. Then took a cat nap while the movie JUNO was playing. That is a cute show..

I am trying to stay away from the computer because then I will sit here all day doing nothing.. And then the house is neglected..

It was a lazy weekend, it was nice to just do nothing but I do that all the time, Nothing... well, except when I have to make myself go to work..

If you are interested in being on my Mailing List (emails only) for my specials and business stuff, just leave your comment at the bottom with your name and email address. Thank you!! Oh I forgot, go to and leave it there..

Today I have to take a friend to the doctors... Trying to figure out where Nicky will be doing..

Hey does anyone use the Yahoo Messenger?? I see that my online friends aren't online much anymore.. if you want to talk to me my yahoo id is dwinters66 and please let me who you are first so I can approve you..

off to do something...............

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