Monday, December 1, 2008

Late Monday!!

Just got done watching our nightly Monday night shows.. LOL Sarah Conner Chronicles, I didn't watch very much was on the computer talking, LOL; then it went to Heroes, I am getting into this show but some Monday Nights I don't watch it and I have to ask hubby questions about it.. Then we watched WWE Raw.... Now I am not going to comment on that subject, I am very sad about John Cena, it got hurt again... I really hate what Chris Jericho is doing and Randy Orton............ in my book they are both Losers! Yuck!!

Today, Neil came over and washed their clothes today, then he played his computer game, I left to have lunch with my Best Friend Forever Tambra, we met at Jack in the Box, but ended up at Arby's...LOL after that we went shopping at Saver's!! OMG!!!! I bought a lot of T-shirts!!!! And I bought a white bear, a brita container and a leather jacket ($5.99) but the rest of the stuff was only $.99 cents!! I walked out of there paying under $20... It was yellow day, everything with a yellow tag was .99 cents... The White Bear was $6.99 and I got it for 99 cents..
I got the bear for the family that my Work is giving to this Christmas.. Instead of exchanging gifts with one another we are adopting a family and helping them out.. We have a Christmas Party on Friday at noon... I am going to try to get that day off with Vacation day.....

Oh I bought Neil a big black shirt also....... I went to Target on Friday and I bought a roll pin but I forgot where I put that bag..... My memory is going downhill!!

Well, Off to work tomorrow!!! Wow that week went by FAST!!!! I am soooo looking forward to Christmas VACATION!!!
Well Off to Bed now, see ya in the Morning!!!!


Sabrae said...

You had more of an interseting day than I did that is for sure! lol The wife is off work til wednesday so it is xbox live all day and night! ack!

~C~ said...

Randy Orton is hot :) haha - Jericho is well...Special lol I like the old Chris Jericho - the wise ass one- where did he go?? Don't worry ~D~ - cena will get em back next week..