Monday, December 22, 2008


Well, I am sorry about not blogging this weekend..


Ok, it's later now, I had to do some laundry this morning before work, Yes I had to work on Monday, I had to drive to Nampa, Idaho for one client.. I had to drop off Nicky at the Grandparent's house then drove very slowly to work.

We got more snow last night.. which is fine by me, I hope it snows every day this week..LOL!!! I love it!!

Yesterday was sunday and it was a laid back time with the family.. we got to call someone on the computer and webcam, it was fun.. oh it snowed.

Saturday, I drove to see my Dad in Ontario to drop off his present for his lady friend. It was a very quick trip.. I stayed for a 1/2 hour to visit with him.. I invited him to have Christmas Dinner with us with my in law's.. No snow!

Friday was a vacation day, mark was off work also, nicky had a 1/2 day of school; I picked him up for school early then went to a CCOA Christmas Party...then we to Mark's work to talk to Mark's friend.. Had a great day!! No snow..

Everything is going good, just don't have time on the computer anymore.. Nicky is on it mostly now.. Since I don't get very many business emails I don't like to check them anymore. Speaking of Emails, I got a email from my bio brother Patrick yesterday.. He said he was going to be in town... and wanted to know if I would have coffee or something with him. well, sure if he is which I very doubtful about that!

Now I am going to get dinner ready for my hubby............. Getting excited for Wednesday to come!! We are supposed to get more snow............see what happens...

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Sabrae Carter said...

Well that was short sweet and to the point! lol is everything ok?