Thursday, December 18, 2008

WOW it's Thursday already....

This week is dragging by so slow... I think it's because of

Well, it is still COLD outside... I already took Nicky to school, grabbed a cup of coffee at Jacksons this morning, plus I got two Chocolate Zingers and three stamps, I have to mail off some Christmas Cards ...Only

Yesterday was a long day, had three clients to clean for... actually it was a pretty laid back day, but it was long, I didn't get home till after 5pm... (I left at 10am) LOL Hubby said "Honey are you home?" "It's after 5pm!" well, I went to exchange Nicky's pants at Savers, then went to get more Gas for my Car... then Finally got home... whew!!

Anyways, I came home to run the dishwasher.......hmmm he had all day to do something....

Today should be a fun day, I am combine two days in one today, so I can have tomorrow off... (vacation again.) oh speaking of vacation, my client was not happy with me...for taking two Wednesdays off in a row, but I told her I would come on the following Monday.. Well, I need to take vacation time or I will lose it... So I will have to work Monday of New Years Week........... that is usually my day off..

Well, I think the coffee is kicking in....... so I better get to work.....Oh I have a DARE Graduation today for Nicky at 2:45pm.. So I have to be there.. So off to work I go.. Have a great Thursday!!

Oh Happy Birthday to my Big Brother Randy. He lives in Bend Oregon...

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