Monday, December 29, 2008


I am finally getting around to post a blog. Sorry folks, it's been a eventful day.
Some sad news to report. The story is here if you want to view it. Not sure if we are related by but it is sad enough.

I went to a 9 am meeting this morning for work, found out that i have some clients that have been dropped. I wanted to work today, but things changed, I had to go pick out some flowers for a funeral.. ($50) I can not believe that!! what a ripoff! Anyways, My Dad came over, his foster sister passed away on Christmas day and they had her funeral today for her at 2pm. Of course Dad was early and I was running behind...LOL The flowers were beautiful, red and white carnations. They had a pictures up on the big screen tv; it was nice seeing Grandma and Grandpa again. The service was good, afterwards they had a reception with food..

I made it home after Neil and Angelia picked me up, I didn't want dad to drive back to my house because it was getting late and I thought he could get on the freeway and go back to Ontario, well, I told him which way to go, but he forgot or got confused and went the wrong way. But he did realize that he was going the wrong way and doubled back.. I gave him a hour to get home and called him on his cell phone, just to make sure that he did make it home ok and he did. That is when he told me that he had to go back to the freeway.

So tomorrow is Tuesday and I have to work... Oh work, I didn't want to think about that today, confusing, people dropped, people getting reassessed and being put back on.. I have to think about it tomorrow and I hope I don't forget that the vacuum is in the garage...LOL.. I have to take Nicky to his Grandparent's house then run to Nampa.. oh what fun!!!

I bought a 2009 monthly planner at the $1 store a couple of months ago... so ~C~ I will not be calling you.. ((HUGS))

The snow is all melted away!! It's supposed to be raining all week in the valley.. so we might have to get a boat.. LOL

Thank you for the ones that posted comments yesterday, I really appreciate that.

See ya tomorrow!!


Sabrae Carter said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt! :( Glad you got a planner to keep yourself organized!

~C~ said...

TY ~D~ for purchasing your calender early! It's people who do that who make my life easier haha