Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday New Years Eve Eve..

Tuesday, had to work, LOL I called one of my clients this morning, she lives in the town next to Caldwell, (caldwell and nampa are very close, I work mostly over in Nampa, Idaho).. She told me that she wasn't going to be there, thank goodness that I call or I would have been pissed to have driven over there and found out that she wasn't there. Anyways, I dropped Nicky off at Grandparent's house again (Nana's House), then went to work in Caldwell, this client was left go from the Homemaker Services. So I got there around 11am and cleaned for her, it took me a hour and half... easy day huh??

Thinking I can go home and relax for two hours, I told Nicky that I would be there around 3 pm to pick him up, but then I got a phone call from "that" friend (Inga and Angelo), I picked her up around 2pm. I took her to the H & W office, drove to Nampa to pick up some meds for Angelo, waiting in line forever, then drove back to Caldwell to go to Walmart, she had to pick up a few things. Then dropped her off around 4pm.. Finally got home around 4:30pm and was trying to watch my soap, remember I DVR it. LOL.. Fixed dinner and then Hubby came home..

Now we are relaxing, he is playing his new Christmas Video Game "Batman Lego". And I am here at the computer trying not to fall asleep while talking with a online friend on mine in MS.. (hello Sherry Hugs)

I have to work tomorrow then off on Thursday....Yeah!!!!

Have a good night!!


Sabrae Carter said...

you had a busy day...ummm i slept :)

~C~ said...

It was a busy day for you my friend.. Wishing you & your family a safe & Happy New Year!