Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's almost time for 2009!!! This year went by so fast huh??

Well, today wasn't a very good day, I should of taken it off.. but I went to my frist client and she was complaining about how I cleaned for her.. So that really pissed me off, I cried while cleaning her house without her knowing it.. And she didn't even say thank you today.. Then off to another client, which was easy, I just vacuumed his bedroom, folded and put away his clothes and clean his bathroom, (he lives with his daughter).

Then I went to drop off my clients sheets and mileage at the office and talked with my boss about the first client and she could not find any one that went to her house..

Picked up some chinese food for dinner, met the hubby at the door and we ate dinner, now he is playing his Batman Lego game.... I was watching some tv..True Blood Marathon was on..

So Happy New Year to you!!

oh I will be closing my Diane's WAHM Network in a few days!!

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~C~ said...

Sorry you had a crappy day at work :( Here's hoping your New Year is filled with Health, Wealth & Happiness! Cheers!