Friday, January 9, 2009

Hey It's TGIF today!!

Well, better late than sorry huh? I had a good Friday I guess.. I had some minor problems with the computer last night, so I turned it off and went to bed.. Got up this morning to turn it back on and it was doing some weird sh*t like it did last night.

So I patiently found a system restore and back dated on Monday, the computer restarted itself, then I got back on and did a degragment and a virus scan and that took like forever. It seems to be working a little better.. it's not doing the things that it was doing this morning.. the mouse stroll thing is not working..

I went to work this morning around 11am...LOL Yes I know I was late... I clean for one client and I shopped for another.. so it was pretty easy day, I went and got gas, waited for Nicky to come home from school, he rode the bus home, then had some errands to do.. Needless to say Nicky and I got home around 5:45pm. Went to Dairy Queen for dinner... 4 piece chicken strip basket for $3.99... I had to buy 4 of them, two for Mark and one of Nicky and I.. I ordered a chicken wrap but when I got home it wasn't there!

Went to Walmart to get some test strips for Hubby. Picked up some little notebook for fifty cents each and pack of pens for twenty five cents!! I also got Nicky a pair of Homer Simpsons Underwear! We drove back to Dairy Queen for the Chicken Wrap... and ended up getting a free ice cream cone..

Now I am still here listening to Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back on DVD and Mark is watching it with his eyes closed!! And Nicky is sleeping as well looking at his homework..

I am happy that it's Friday and the weekend is here again!! I have some things I need to do around the house this week. And I made a list....

Oh I burnt my first finger last night, I was making instant potatoes last night with the Shepard's pie, I got the tators too hot and it bubbled and it landed on my finger.. I said Ouch!! That didn't stop hurting for three hours.. I ended up putting my finger in a cup of ice water.. Now it has two blisters on it.. One of them popped... and I hit it everywhere..

I will post again this weekend!!!

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~C~ said...

Sounds like you have adware/ spyware on your pc - Do you have a program to remove it? Virus scan sometimes does not pick this up - try microsoft - they have a free one you can download and works well - I have stopzilla - but it's a paid service. System restore will NOT do the trick - If you have the discs for your pc - you can zero out your hard drive and rid of it that way - but that is a pain in the ass!