Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it Friday yet? No it's Thursday..

Well, I made it thru the work day, LOL I woke up with out the alarm clock this morning, I thought it was 8am but when I went to the living room and look up at the clock in there, it was 9am, and Nick was looking at me.. I said Oh I am sorry, I asked him when he woke up and he a few minutes before I did. So we overslept this morning..which I think is funny..

I hopped in the shower and got ready, dropped him off at school and went to work.. I started at 11:15am and got done at 3:45pm..

Now I am making dinner.. Cook up the rest of the hamburger and sausage and going to make some Shepard Pie for dinner.. Was going to be Tator Tot Casserole but then I remember we don't have any tator I am putting Mash Tators and cheese on top..

I invited Neil over for dinner tonight, I wonder if he will show up.. I know that he is hungry!!! LOL

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