Tuesday, January 6, 2009

me being bored!!

Hi there blog readers..

Sabrae-- I hope you are doing well. I know it will take some time..

Christine--you make me want tacos!! where is my taco anyways? I know it's at Taco Time!! LOL..

The snow is melting... I went out to shovel some snow off the driveway and man, that snow is wet...and heavy, I hurted my arm.....

I sat down today and watch "Untraceable". Oh what a movie.. I had to pause it and rewind it.. We DVR it last month and haven't watch it.. It's like "Hostel" and "The Net" put together!

Well, waiting for hubby to get home.. I definitely have to go to work tomorrow!!!


~C~ said...

I sent ya over some tacos - ya didn't get em?? ah man - lol

Diane said...

Yes Christine I ate it already!!! LOL

Love the smiley face!!!

Thank you dear friend!!!

Sabrae Carter said...

Thanks Diane! :) It is taking some time :(