Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Let it Snow, I am taking a .............day off!

It's snowing more this morning, It took me 15 minutes to uncover my car this morning..... I took Nicky to school just in time for the bell to ring...

I am listening to the tv....the news is on......ok we just got dumped again with more snow and one guy is going 50 mph in the snow, haha it said he slid in a ditch.... Ha that will learn him... (teach).... UPDATE: HERE IS THE STORY:

Oh that reminds me I am taking a Vacation day.............I am not going to be driving in this snow.. Not the way to Nampa, no way man!! So I have to find something for me to do at home.. How about taking a nap? I didn't take one yesterday.....

I called my boss to ask her about my vacation day and she gave me some sad news.. One of my clients has passed on.. I will miss her..

ok, will I am hungry, i have to find some food!!!


~C~ said...

They don't cancel school there when there is alot of snow? My son just came home early from school today cuz we have a winter storm warning - and it's not even doing anything outside yet lol

Diane said...

The buses are running... They did cancel one town's school yesterday, but the schools are all open..

I just didn't want to drive on the roads today..

there is cloudy cover right now, but it's not snowing anymore.. just wet!