Friday, January 16, 2009


Hello there Blog Readers..

Hello Dexter!!! I have some great news for you!!! It's about my Candle Business!!!!

This is what I did today with Nicky... Turn in my time sheet to work this morning...for my "paying" job.. Then we went to get something to eat (buscuits and gravy)... I then put "a business opportunity" type paper on my scent samples paperclipped with a business card, I made up 18 of them.. I stopped at local places here that has bulletin boards. I gave them all away!!! I even gave one to a lady at the Pharmacy at Albertson's and she was excited about the fragrances.. (birthday cake and chocolate kiss).. I was excited to see her excited!!! I dropped some off at the bank, Albertson's and a laundry mat, so now I have to make up more scent samples.. But the best part of my day I think....was..............
there is a indoor flea market here in town, I seen it a couple of times when I had to drop off my son at grandma's house, I went in and talk to the lady in charge about getting a table for the weekends.. I think I will start that in a couple of weeks, since I am not rich...LOL So hopefully I can sell my candles and other things around the house!! I am very excited about this!! I think I found another "job".. that I can do with my "paying job"!!!
My husband wasn't too happy about it, oh well, this is what I am going to do....I have to wait to get money... But this is my "baby"!!! I can show him I can do this... with out his help!!!

Ok time to make dinner!! Have a great friday night!!!


~C~ said...

That's awesome Diane! :) Good For you!!

Diane said...

I am very very excited about this!!

It feels like I have a new "JOB"..

Jeepneyland said...

Way to go Diane! You go for it and make all your dreams come true! Remember "Inch by inch anything is a cinch, but by the yard it's hard."
You can do it! Keep going!


Diane said...

I am happy!!!!! it's going to be a great 2009!!!

Dex, you might want to join me in this candle biz...this company is going places!!!!

~C~ said...

I am stopping by to yell at you for not updating your blog- it has been almost a week woman! Get busy!! hahaha j/k