Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday again!!! LOL

As you embark upon a new relationship or project, it's only natural that a failed relationship or project from the past should enter your mind. But before you start focusing on all the similarities, look at the contrasts! You can't start letting the past cast a shadow over your present -- you need to stay open and positive right now. It can be hard to do push your fears aside, but you can if you push hard enough and often enough. Whenever stinkin' thinkin' pops into your mind, push it out!

This is from My Yahoo Horoscope today and I thought i would post it so I can read it over and over again. I am in a rut right now in my Candle business but I have been talking to a gal that is helping me out of this rut.. and I really appreciate her help!

I have printed up some little flyers type things to give out with my scent samples tomorrow. I am going to post them everywhere!!!

Nicky and I will be spending the day tomorrow together so I am not sure if we are going to get along or fighting... we will see.... I have to turn in my time sheet, so I will leave some there!! I have to set my MIND up, this is going to work out!! Everyone is looking for something to do productive right?? well, why don't they help me sell the best smelling candles and help me become wealthy so I can prove to my husband that I can do this from home and don't have to clean anymore houses!! Ok enough venting.....LOL

Tonight Nicky is in a bad mood and making everyone in a bad mood... I think I am going to bed now!!!

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