Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday..........My Friday..

Hi there!!! Happy TGIT... Thank God it's Thursday!!! today is my Friday...
See I now work only three days a week.. And I lost another client, he is in a nursing home now.. So I have five.. (Dorothea, Kacy, Thelma, Roy and Lois).. That is it.. I might have to look in to unemployment...LOL..

Well, Its has been fogging here this week.. Today the fog isn't around as much.. So Flights in Boise are being cancelled.. Some planes don't have the right equipment on their planes to land..

I was chewing gum yesterday and my back tooth on my right side broke..into little pieces and now it's bugging me.. I know I have to get into the Dentist and get it fixed but I don't have much money these days.. I still have to owe them for the tooth that they distracted in October..

I was driving Nicky to school (when the tooth thing happened) for his tutoring party... they were supposed to have the BSU players there but they didn't come..:(( Anyways they had pizza and root beer floats.. they had two things that they were giving away.... (tickets please).. One was a BSU picture album and the other thing was a basketball... Guess who won the basketball...MY NICKY did!!! YEAH!!

Dropped him off to AWANAS and came home.. Mark was eating his dinner.. I called to see how Dad was doing... He is doing fine, getting over a cold..

Well, time to get ready for work.. Have two clients today..

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~C~ said...

Awe sorry about your tooth - I have broken one also - I broke mine on a periogi .. lol It hasn't bothered me yet - thankfully! I am due for a dentist visit though- I have no insurance so it will have to wait a little while till I have extra, extra cash! I have extra cash but not enough extra cash lol maybe next month when i get my tax money back - Yay refund! lol

Hey since they cut ya down to 3 days a week - maybe you can get partial unemployment? just a thought..IDK if I am even working or not next week.. I might have them furlough days.. All the employees have to take 10 days off without pay..just waiting for mine to get em over with.