Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neil my son..& a phone call!!

I am so happy... I know, MOM's are not supposed to do this, but I got Neil, my son a job. He has been out of work since february 2008, I got him a job with a company that does set up and tear down concerts and etc.. He is working at the Idaho Center setting up the Rascal Flatts concert next Wednesday.... YEAH... I am soo happy that he is working now.. He can make big money doing this..

Anyways, I went and dropped off scent samples to the bulletin boards around town, I put them up at Albertsons, Sunrise Cafe, My Bank, Chinese Dragon, (love their food!!), and the laundrymat. I just got a phone call -- I put up some Wildflowers scent sample at the Sunrise Cafe and a guy called about the Wildflowers .. He asked if I had some for sale.. I told him that they were candle scents.. I asked him if his wife was interested.. he said no.. :( oh well.. but I thought it was funny..

Angelia took me out to Lunch today. thank you hun!!


~C~ said...

Hey thats cool he will get to see all the concerts for free - lol

Sabrae Carter said...

How cool!!! Bet he will have a blast with that job! I know I would!