Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's blogging time!! hehe

I know, I haven't been "blogging" much this week.. You know I got laid off from my "day" job, so now I am at home, talking to the dogs all day..LOL

I see I have some new blog followers. I recognize Rachel... Hello Rach.. thank you for following me.............

Well, nothing really going on, we got our State Refund back yesterday, it's all gone I had to pay the cell phone bill or it will be shut off, then they add $15 per phone next time, so I paid up to date on that..

Just sitting here, listening to the movie that my husband is watching.."Still Waiting" we bought the movie.. So I am going to get off here and watch the movie..

I get my last paycheck from my "day" job tomorrow. Yippee!! I get paid for mileage and work hours plus vacation time that I accumulated. So it should be a good check... And hubby gets paid also!

good night for now!!

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