Thursday, February 26, 2009

Updating my blog..

I drove to Ontario, went to visit Roger's roommate and he told me what happened on Monday night.. Roger's condition was very bad at that point.

Went to see my Dad at his home and we went to the hospital together.. Roger is in ICU.. He is hooked up to IV's and a bag.. He was sleeping when we went to see him. I guess from what the nurse said, Roger had a bad night, he is in detox right now, they have been sedating him pretty much.. I have his daughter's phone numbers so I have been trying to call them and let them know what is going on with their dad. Roger has a long way to go to get better.. Of course drinking mostly his life didnt help.. I will go back tomorrow to see him plus go to a wake for a family friend who passed on last week..

I need to go thru some old box of pictures that I have in the garage.. To find pictures of Roger.. just in case. I really hope he makes it. I haven't spent much time with him lately like I should have..

Just got off the phone with my niece, Kaycee Jo.. Roger's oldest daughter and let her know what is going to with her dad.

Time to go and pick up Nicky from school...

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