Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Thursday..

I got a phone call last night from my brother Rod. He told me that his twin brother Roger (my brother).. is in the hospital in Ontario, Oregon.. So Prayers are needed if possible..

I am getting ready to head over there in the next hour.. Going to see my Dad and Roger... Going to be a busy day..

Tomorrow I have to take a friend to Meridian, Idaho for her doctor's appt..then go to the home of my client's family.. I lost another dear client on Monday and his service will be in Boise, which I can not make to it, but I will try to meet them afterwards, then probably head back to Ontario, Oregon to be with my family.. A dear friend of our family also passed away and her wake is Friday night, so I would like to stop by to see them..

Neil was working his job last night, funny, he called me at midnight (pocket call) and I was listening to him for 10 minutes.. He also sent me something (video) that I can not view on my cell phone.. So today I will stop by and check it out..

Well, will post later on today after I get back home.. Let ya know how Roger is doing.. Have a good one!!

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~C~ said...

hey sorry about your ro - I hope he is ok