Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's been a week..

It's almost Thursday now, it's been a busy week for me.. On Tuesday, I drove to Ontario in the rain, drove out of the storm to the sunshine, to see my brother Roger, he is doing better. He is still weak, but can talk now. He is a little confused at times. I told him that I came over last Thursday and Friday, he said, where was I? He told me that they have to give him some blood which is true, they gave him 3 pints of blood. He doesn't look yellow anymore, he looks tired, I hope he gets better.. The CNA came in and said that she would give him a bath, he mentioned, oh that should be fun.. So he does have a little sense of humor, I told him that I loved him and went on my way.. He told me that he loves me and called me by nickname. So he knew who I was. It's very hard to see someone like that.

His ex-wife Patti and his daughters Kaycee and Nicole are coming in this weekend from Gresham, Oregon.. I am not sure if he will like that since Roger pushed them away in the past.. But they want to see him.
I am excited to see Patti and the girls I haven't seen them since my nephew passed away in 2001. Patti found me on myspace on Monday night, I was excited, now we can communicate with each other more. I still consider her family, I grew up with her when I was little..

Well, today I drove to Boise, Idaho to pick up a xbox game for the hubby, dropped off the monitor that was sitting on the floor, finally found the place after stopping at a Pawn One store to ask for directions.. Then I called my other sister in law, Roger's twin brother's wife.. We grew up together when I was little also, we are close.. Ended up a Mexican Restaurant for lunch around 2pm, I bought her lunch and we chatted for a hour.. It was nice to sit down and talk.. I don't get to do that very often..
We had thunderstorms again today, it was hailing and raining.. Picked up Nicky from school came home and it was white.. I guess it hailed hard.. Did a load of laundry when I got home and relaxed for a while.. Went to get McDonald's for dinner. Took a little nap in my chair and now here I am.. Oh Neil came over this morning to drop off his laundry.. I started it for him and left for Boise.

I think tomorrow I will staying home.. I have been doing things all week, it's nice to stay home and enjoy.. well, you know the home, the dogs etc. Zito is doing good, still hype as ever.. I guess it didn't faze him at all..

well, I think that is all for right now.. Oh we are getting ready for have a birthday party for Nicky on Sunday.. I ordered his cake from Walmart and called the restaurant and make reservations.. Trying to invite some of his school friends and family, Nicky has been a bad mood lately, not sure what his problem is..

Have a great week!!

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