Saturday, March 7, 2009


There is not much to blog about today, I was lazy for two days. (thursday and friday), but I did sell my "spring fever" candle and I am selling my "birthday cake" candle today.. And I ordered some new Candle Catalogs yesterday..

The sun is shining brightly outside today, hope it will warm up a little bit, we have temperatures in the 40's this week except for Monday when it was up to 68 degrees which was a record high.

Just hanging out at home.. going to sell my candle in the afternoon...and I have to get some gas for the car.. well, I won't be selling the candle today, she called and asked me to come in next saturday, I asked her yesterday when it was a good time to come in and she told me in the afternoon.. oh well.. at least she called to let me know..

Tomorrow is Nicky's Birthday Party at 2pm in Nampa. Have to pick up the cake at Walmart and head out. Just family is going to be there, so that should be nice to talk to them. Tuesday is his Birthday at 8:24am he turns 11 years old! Wow, time sure goes by so fast!

I asked Angelia if she would put a Gourmet Candle Web Decal on her car.. she said yes.. Nicky and I went over there last night for dinner.. I made pork stirfry while Angelia worked on her homework..

Have a great day everyone!!!

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