Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Afternoon Monday...

I went to bed late last night and I only got 4 hours of sleep... Got up the Nicky to take him to school... came back watched my soap that I missed on Friday, then curled up on the couch for a quick nap. HA! I heard the phone ring, went back to sleep, finally woke up, let the dogs out, then looked at the clock! OMG, it was 1 pm. Now I am checking emails, I have lots of friends on Twitter now!!

Oh I wanted to comment about Idaho's Weather yesterday, we went to Primo's in Nampa for Nicky's Birthday Party at 2pm, when we left the sun was out, it was still cool (temperature wise), we got there, and it started to snow, for a good hour!!! When we finally left around 4pm the snow melted away and the sun was shining ... Weird weather..

Need to make up some flyer type newsletter to mail out to my previous customers.. I can remind them that I am here with candles in hand.. Oh speaking of candles..I received my Candle of the Month today, it's Pear Pomegranate and it smells ohhhhh sooooo gooood.......... Going to make lots of scent samples with that one....... I always like food fragrances..

Last Wednesday when I drove to Boise, I was munching on some tator chips and broke the tooth on the right side, the back side of the tooth, funny b/c I didn't notice it till later...... now it's getting worst, but it doesn't hurt yet.. I will probably go in to see the dentist this week and get it pulled.. OUCH!!!

Ok, I am going to work now!!

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