Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Nicky's Birthday Today!!!

Here is Nicky at Primo's with his CARS cake.

Here is a pic of his CARS cake.
I called one of the Radio Stations today to announce
his birthday over the radio. I was excited but he wasn't.
I uploaded the pictures to my computer, I see the videos
on there, and when I moved the pictures to a new folder,
I lost the videos.. I don't know where they went!
It just like they disappeared.. I am so bummed right now!!!
I wanted to show you the videos I did when he blew
out the candles.. (I am very irritated right now!!)
More Surprises are in store for Nicky today..
I have to run to Walmart and pick up a new bike for him.
(his big brother isn't too happy since he has three
bike frames outside, Nicky likes to 'try' to fix them and doesn't.)
Anyways, I have to run to Ontario today to visit my DAD and Brother.
Oh Good News, Roger is at HOME now!!! Dad took him home yesterday~
And I got a phone call from Roger's oldest daughter.. And his other
daughters are coming in this weekend to visit with him.
Ok, I am still upset with the video thing. GRR!!!

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