Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday... sigh...

It's a beautiful day outside and I am inside sleeping...LOL.. My sleeping pattern is screwed up, I stay up til 2am then get up at 7:45am/8am. Then if I don't have anything to do, I go take a nap which lasts for three hours.

Today, I have to pay the car insurance then drop off some scent samples and flyers to the usual places.

It's nice to have the house to myself.. it's quiet. The dogs are sleeping also..

I had to drive a ex-client to boise for her doctors appt, so I made some money there.. So I spend three hours at St. Al's Hospital, they are added on some new buildings and it looks a lot different when I was there last to see my Dad when he had a stroke. I loved their cafetria, (misspelled wrong) they have some great food there.

Nicky had a music concert last night that I went to. Mark stayed home again. He doesn't do much with Nicky's activities lately.. So I am the MOM and DAD in his life.. But Mark does work so I can understand that he is tired when he gets home.

Went over to Ontario around 6pm on Tuesday to see my brother Randy and his wife Nancy from Bend, Oregon, they were helping Roger out with some paperwork that he had to get down the State (Insurance I guess), they didn't tell me very much about it. We had a great dinner at Sizzler. I enjoyed talking with Nancy.. she is a sweetheart.. Randy on the other hand, has a scarcism sense of honor so to speak, always making little rude comments about his little sister. I guess that what big brothers are for huh?? What hurt me the most is that he didn't even try to hug me when he left. Nicky and I finally made it home around 9pm. Whew it was a long day.

On Saturday going over to see my brother's ex wife Patti and his daughter Nicole. I haven't seen them since Randy jr's funeral which was 2001 I think..
We have been talking on the phone and we are on myspace and facebook together now..

ok, I think that is all, time to get out in the sun and see if I can sell a candle or two.

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