Monday, March 23, 2009


I have a head cold, been spending lots of time on the couch sleeping. Mark has been busy in the kitchen making breakfast, (sausage links and hash browns and gravy), then He put a Ham in to the oven that we got from Christmas. So I have a head cold, I had to cancel my visit with my best friend Tambra..

So I am just playing Mafia Wars on Myspace and Facebook and working on my Green Spot on Myspace. So I will be going to bed in a few..

Hopefully this will go away... I hate being sick!!


I kind of disable my Internet Explorer so now I am using Mozilla Firefox. It works a lot better because it doesn't closed down.. like IE used to.. How do I get back my Internet Explorer browser?? Hmmmmmm??

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~C~ said...

I know how to get your IE back - can't explain it though.. I would actually have to do it to show you how, haha How the heck did ya manage that one? Firefox is kewl though..

feel better!