Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Morning.

It's almost 2am and Yes I am still up.. I am kind of upset and pissed at the same time, I can not explain the story because that would take forever.. But I need to talk to my husband about it and talk to another friend about it.

Today was a very lazy day, I mean I slept for four hours I think..LOL I had to take Pepper out at my SIL's house again, then paid the bills that she left out for me, I took Pepper with me, he enjoyed himself..

I wanted to hang up some flyers today, but that didn't happen.. I want to go to
Ontario tomorrow, (thursday) to show off the candles to my brother's roommate. Which I am not talking to my brother Roger, he can go f**k himself... Sorry but that is how I feel about him.. And I would love to have lunch with my new Facebook friend Liz..

On Friday, Nicky is out of school... and for the next week.. oh boy oh joy!! I don't get nothing done with him home.. Maybe he can spend time with Grandma-- I hope!! Tomorrow, (thursday) Nicky has a field trip to BSU in Boise, Id.. so I think he will enjoy that, I can not come along, :( but I do need to go show off my candles.. (hopefully she will order something..)

Angelia wants a car freshener... Neil and Angelia are moving after the 1st of April to their new apt.. They are very excited about it, oh Neil asked me to take care of his pet rat (stan).. Mark hasn't decided yet, but I don't want him to go to strangers, Stan is a good rat.

well, time for bed... I need to get some sleep..

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