Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Well, the picture says it all!!
Were you wondering where I went to??
I was at home. LOL.. I seem to forget to "blog" somedays..
Today is Tuesday, March 17th of 2009.
And no I didn't wear Green, I didn't get caught..
I had a appointment with Nicky's teachers this morning at 8am, (I crawled out of bed at 7:45am). Woke up Nicky, got dressed, called the school to let them know I didn't forget and I am on my way.
School is a minute away in car.. Trying to find a parking place is another story.
That lasted for a hour. Came home and played on the computer for a bit, you know, Twitter! LOL.. I took a little breakfast break, then went to work on printing labels for my New Candle Catalogs, the TRU Chocolate brochures and Biz Cards. OH I did find something to put into a Flyer so that took me a hour to type up and print out.. I didn't that before picking up Nicky from school.. Then went to my SIL's house to let her doggy Pepper outside. That dog can scratch a mile a minute..LOL Came home and restarted the computer, made dinner, ate dinner and here I am trying to think of something to blog about.
I got some good news, There is a lady on the local tv station. I am following her and she finally accepted my follow, so I sent her a direct message to her about my candles, She replied! (Sure, bring them to the Station!) So I get to "loan out" my Pear Pomegranate Jar Candle to her so she can burn it and hopefully she can share with her co-workers..
Mark is sick this week, has a head cold.. I gave him some cough meds when he got home, he drank some of it.. I told him to wait til 9pm to take it.. Now he is sleeping..
I am here getting a little bit tired. So hope you are doing well and please don't drink and drive.. it's not safe..

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