Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Monday!!

Hello there, I seem to forget this now since I don't have it on my bookmarks, well I do but it's not that easy to get. I had all the blogs saved on the Internet Explorer but I don't have that anymore. So now I have to remember all the sites and book mark them to Firefox..

Today, I stayed home and vacuumed the living room and clean up the kitchen. I did apply for a work at home job that I am excited about, not sure if I will be accepted yet. Still in the "taking the tests" part of it..

Ok on Friday, I went to the bank since it was payday.. I went to the bank in Nampa where they were have a "birthday party". They have been in that location for a year. Well, I took out money for Mark, I filled out a slip to be enter in a "cash draw". You know, you go into a bubble with money flying around everywhere. They picked my name. I had 15 seconds to grab some money. Well, I was very disappointed.. I ended up taking home $5. Yeah and four pieces of paper with their bank name on them. I was excited but disappointed at the same time. They only had one $10 and the rest $1 bills and those stupid white pieces of paper...

On Saturday Night, Nicky spent the night at his aunt's house. I forgot to go back to the bank on Saturday for their Wii Game System Giveaway, I remember it tonight.........duh!! On Sunday was a lazy day also.... spend time on the computer mostly on Myspace and Facebook..

Tomorrow I will be driving to Boise with my ex-client. I told her that I would drive her to her doctor's appointment.. (the last time I was supposed to go, my car broke down). I can really use the money... I am broke!!

Neil and Angelia moved last week.. closer to us.. five blocks down and two blocks on the right. So I can walk to their house this summer!!

Off to check my emails now.......and then head to bed.

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