Thursday, April 2, 2009


It's Thursday already, tomorrow is finally pay day, got to pay the mortgage and the car insurance.
Today I am trying to get motivated, I can not get motivated... I have some things to do that I wanted to get done this week, I have to rearrange a corner of the living room, get a Candle Packet ready to be mailed out, Go to Parent-Teacher Conferences at 3:30pm, Pick up Nicky at 1:30pm and pick up Pepper between that.. LOL Sounds like fun huh?

Neil and Angelia moved everything in one day, I went over last night to give them some dinner, they had company and was fixing breakfast for dinner, but they still loved the brownies I think..LOL Angelia thought their little "Joplin" ran away, but ended up hiding in a cupboard..

Well, off to eat some toast and drink my cherry rum coffee.. More later..

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