Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st..

It's April already, wow, time sure goes by fast.. New Years', Nicky's birthday in March and now it's April... Easter is this month... I have relatives that have birthdays this month also.. My Adopted Dad will turn 79 years old this month on the 29th.

Well, I went to help Neil and Angelia today.. They moved out of their 1 bedroom apt to a 2 bedroom duplex with a single garage.. it's very big compared to the other apartment, I helped Angelia clean the kitchen, vacuum the living room and clean the bathroom.. I will take some pictures of it sometime..

I made a early dinner, going to take some dinner over to their house.. I guess all their friends are coming over tonight also.. No one wanted to help them move but now they want to come over.. go figure..

more later...

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