Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Ryan's Birthday..

Today My little nephew has a birthday today.. well, he is not a little one anymore, he is growing up.. Ryan is on the left, his brother Nathan is on the Right, Nathan also had a birthday this month, April 5. I am not sure which one is oldest but they are a year apart.. Happy Birthday to you!!

Yesterday I made it through the day, after dealing with my friend and taking her places, I didn't get home til 6pm. I had to take Nicky to Awanas last night, then came home and rested... then picked up Nicky and went to Albertson's to spend my $5 coupon before it expired.. I went to bed early last night!! And I "worked" for a hour before I left.

I will be "working" today after chasing the dogs around the house.. Right now they are sleeping... I already ran the dishwasher, put a load of laundry (my blanket) in the washer and now it's time to get it out and put into the dryer with my dryer sheets.. Need to vacuum the living room today... after cleaning out Stan's cage. It's so nice to be home, I appreciate the time home after a wild day yesterday.. I did get some $$$$ though.. so I am happy!!

Just chilling out with the dogs and need to Cha Cha some today!! Have a great day!!!

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