Friday, April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle-- Britian's Got Talent!

The Full Version of Susan Boyle. A fairy take in the making....Susan Dreaming her Dream
on Britian's Got Talent. Susan was on Glenn Beck Program last night and she was on Oprah today!! Very inspiring!!!


~C~ said...

Just curious as to why you deleted the post about Ashton? Don't be afraid to speak your mind even if stubborn people like me don't agree. lol Not everyone is going to agree with me, you or anyone else for that matter.


Darrin said...

So cool. Dunno why people were SO shocked that this spirited gal could have so much talent!

I've heard people talk about her looks saying everything from her looking plain, ordinary, and downright ugly.

It just goes to show you, EVERYONE no matter what anyone else may think of them.. has gifts which one may never learn of if they're simply dismissed for looking ordinary. Too bad people can be so shallow.

And what was that whole walking off the stage thing about? Was it because she really thought she wasn't going to fare well? Or was it a bit of thumbing her nose at the judges? Then again.. look at how many people she was performing in front of. I'd probably be flustered and would do something like that as well!

Okay, I'll stop eating up your comment space now. LOL!