Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, It is a beautiful Spring Day here in Idaho.. The temperatures are going to be up in the 80's today.......... Time to open up the doors!!

I am good, just staying home (saving gas) and trying to make a living work from home. (chacha) I need to make this work........ it's a easy job, to some extend. The hard part of it finding the answers to some of the questions.. And boy do I get questions! LOL..

Have to go to Nicky's school and order a T-shirt for him. They have School Shirts that they are selling and Nicky wants one.. The Dentist appt was not scheduled today like I hoped it would be, they didn't call back last week when I called them. So now it's for May 6th. Nicky does have a Doctor's Appt on Thursday.. On Friday I have to run around with "that" friend of mine, have to take her to another Doctor's Appt..

So I am chilling so to speak. Have a great week!! I might not post much these days since I don't have much to talk about.

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