Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, have some exciting news!

This weekend went by fast again.. On Saturday, Neil came over and helped Mark change his radio in his Nova. It was a nice surprise since the last time we seen him was Easter..
Nicky went over to his friend's house, Adrianne. He spent four hours over there..

Sunday was a lazy day again, Nicky went to his friends house for another five hours.. Nicky gets really bored at home and he wanted to visit his friend again.. Mark played his xbox game and took a three hour nap.. Of course his friend came over for dinner..

Ok, here is some good news:
My brother Randy who lives in Bend, His son, Bill and his wife Heidi had their first child.. A baby girl.. Grianna Lynn (i think) weighing in at 7 lbs and 12 ozs (i think). Nancy (the proud grandma) called me on Saturday and told me, but I was still waking up so I don't remember what the little details were.. I am a great Aunt!!! Wow, do you think I should feel OLD? LOL..

Ok, Roger is not doing very well again, His legs are still infected. I can not afford to go over there so I am calling on the phone.. Roger had a hospital visit this morning, I called Dad and Roger was getting his legs rewrapped again..

Ok last but not least, this hasn't hit me yet. You know that Neil and Angelia are engaged right?? Well, I got a text messsage from Angelia that they have set the date!!! It is sometime next year!! May 8, 2010!! One of my little boys has grown up. (Sigh).

As for me, I have been not doing much, been getting depressed some days. I think I need to get out of the house more often!! Not doing very well with the candles, it seems like I am not doing very well in the home either, but Mark is tolerating me. Nicky loves me home.. But I get tired of cleaning the house and things like that.. I need to do or find something that makes me happy... I need to let myself be successful!! I guess I am not doing that. I am just standing there watching the world go by..

Have a great week~~~

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