Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, Lazy Raining Sunday!

I am sitting here, reading blogs, and one blog that I read was of course Christine, I read her blog everyday and another blog that I read was Rachel's. I read the post about "what I did today?" I actually know what you mean!! Since I am not working "outside" the home, I tend to stay at home. And I am getting tired of talking to the dogs. And my Rat Stan doesn't talk back to me..

Cleaning house, watching tv, washing laundry, washing the dishes, same shit different day, it gets boring!!! I hear ya sister rachel!!! We should do lunch!!

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a care attendent/helper.

I have made some cello bags with candles for BirthMother's Day so I have to send them out to New Hampshire tomorrow..

Hmmmm something happened to my Computer yesterday while I was typing and the window disappeared, so thanks for the autosaving they have here, I didn't lose it. So today, I am posting it.

Happy Star Wars Day!! Have a great Monday!!

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