Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chat To Text With ME


I found this and I am using it. I have one gal who signed up with me last night. She posted a message on her "work" forum and she got a sign up..

It's $5.99 per month.. You pay with a credit card and when you get people under you, you get money thru AlertPay. When you get 3 people signed up under you it is basically free. But who wants three people I want 10 people!!

When you use this on your Computer, Click on the banner, put your name (and the other thing) and you can text me for free!! When I get the text message I will send a text message
back and it will display on your computer. Please give me a few minutes to respond. I can not text fast..

If you are interested, just click on my affiliate site and sign up. It's that easy. You have to make up a AlertPay account afterwards.

Thank you and have a great day!!

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