Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday again!

Hello there!!!
This is a picture of ME, Stan and Nicky. This was taking by Neil with his cell phone and I got it from his Myspace pictures. (please click on the Thursday again).

This week has gone a little slow. On Monday, I had a job interview. He called me back to see if I was still interested.. I said yeah, so I have to wait for him to call back and give me the place to pick up my paperwork..

Took Nicky to the Dentist on Tuesday in the AM.. Then we did errands, I love it when we get along, it makes me feel good, and yes he skipped school that day!

Nicky got a hair cut yesterday so he looks different. He used to have long (short) hair.. now he has a cut that is short. He looks good with short hair..

My brother Roger is in the hospital again, In ICU, with complications to his leg, not sure what is going on, Dad keeps me updated. I sent my niece (his daughter who lives in Gresham, OR) and she said she will be coming over to be with him for a couple of days.. I have not see Nicki for 10 years. Since Roger and Patti got divorced I haven't seen my nieces, they moved away with Patti.

We got invited to go over to Mark's Sister's house for Mother's Day for a BBQ.. And since it's Mother's Day and I am the MOM, I want to go to the Golden Corral for Breakfast in the AM.. So that means.. getting up at 6:45am and heading out by 7:15am to be there by 7:30am.. We will munch on eggs and bacon and other yummy stuff there and leave by 9am when everyone else will come in and eat. We will come home and take a nap.. LOL!! Then head out to Teresa's house for more food!!

My wedding ring broke, the diamond fell out of it. This week I went to Walmart and picked out a Promise ring.. it's very nice. it's only $58.. I took a picture of it and sent it to Mark on his cell phone.. He told me to buy it with the bill money.. (yeah right) I did not get it. I will wait till I get paid next month..

Well, it's Friday now.. The weekend is almost here and we are supposed to have nice weather!! Looking forward to that, we have been having rain, I like the rain, it waters our brown grass LOL! Nicky mowed the yard on Wednesday.. It was growing fast!!

Have a great Mother's Day Ladies!!! Enjoy your Day!!

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Sabrae Carter said...

So what kind of job??? Glad to hear that all is well with you and I apologize for not being around to comment lately!!! can't wait to get to reading more!