Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello there!! Yes I know I don't blog very much anymore.. Sorry about that folks..
This week is going by fast.. Today Mark's dad went in to the hospital to get a artery unclogged. Gary had to be there at 10:30am and he ended up going in to the operating room at 1:45pm. I got little updates from Mark's Mom.. Gary made it out of surgery and is ICU overnight to stabilize his blood pressure. I am not sure if he will be coming home tomorrow but that is what Carol (mom) said. The artery was in his neck. So we were a little worried about losing him.

My brother Roger is in the hospital, he has been in there all week. The doctor is supposed to schedule a operation for his legs, a skin graph type operation. But the doctor is concerned about other patients.. Not sure when he will be going in. Roger's Ex Wife Patti (my sweet sister in law) and Nichole (my niece) are driving down from Gresham, Oregon tonight. So I think they will spending the weekend in Ontario. So I will be happy to see them.. I haven't seen them since my nephew passed on back in 2001.

Neil and Angelia are taking about their wedding.. They are looking at wedding rings now, OMG!! they are expensive!!! My wedding ring is broken, the diamond fell out of it. Angelia wants to get married at a rose garden.. (in May?) I don't know if the roses will be in bloom by then.. Their guest list is up to 75 people she said. OMG!! How many friends do you have?? LOL.. It's hard though, when you have a split family, like Neil (me and my ex, his father) and her split family.. so it will be double the fun I guess!! LOL..

Well, I don't think I got that care attendant/helper job, He hasn't called me back since last Monday, I left him a message on Tuesday.. So I guess it wasn't meant to be then.. Hopefully, Neil will be working at Verizon Wireless, He called me today telling me about the interview, it's in Boise, so he has to get up early and drive.. It's only a half hour away, but the traffic here is bad!..

I have to drive to Boise on Friday to pay the house payment. Then on Saturday I drive to Ontario to visit a online friend and my brother. Liz is having a Open House/Anniversary party at her house in Payette, Idaho.. So that is where Nickolas and I will be..

I am not sure what I am going to do on Thursday... To go to Boise, to see my father in law, or to Ontario to see my brother and family. I don't know yet.. Probably ending up staying at home and saving gas for the weekend.. There is always the phone... (ring ring)..

Well, it's getting late and I am getting tired. Have a great weekend everyone!! HUGS!!

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