Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a good day..

well, I am at the computer on Facebook you know, I am chatting with my old classmates online, and I was talking to a dear friend that I grew up with. We were best friends, we hanged out, I would go to his house, he would come to mine. Since we were neighbors we could do that, I remember seeing him outside and I would yell at him telling him to come over. Those were the days!!! We had to yell at our friends to come over.. LOL.. Nowadays we chat on the internet to our friends.

Anyways, My son Neil went to a job interview for Verizon Wireless Tech Support and he called me a couple of minutes to tell me that he now has the job. Oh what a relief!! He has been unemployed since last February.. I am so happy for him.. Only thing is that it's in Boise so he has to drive 30 minutes to get to work. He started on the 26th of May for training for five weeks.. I am so tickled pink.. I can not stand myself..

I will be going to Ontario tonight with Nicky of course to have dinner with my sister in law. Well, she was married to Roger, since Roger is in the hospital Patti and Nicole has come to visit him. I am excited about that too.. I haven't seen her since 2001....

wow, two posts in 24 hours, that is amazing huh??

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