Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day and my friend's Birthday!!

I see that there is a scheduled outage tomorrow.. hmmm ok then..

I want to wish Christine Little a Big Happy Birthday Wish.. Another year again!! Don't feel bad I will be that age in July!!!

I am working little by little everyday with Cha Cha!! You can not believe the questions.. I hope tomorrow I can work a little bit longer.. Sit down for six hours and answer stupid

Today I have to drive to Meridian with a friend, she has a doctor's appt.. Oh what fun, I wondering if I will get some actually $$$ today, the last time I drove her to her doctor's appt, she bought me Gas for the car, but no $$$, I was unhappy, I need some $$$ People, I am broke!!

We already sent our tax forms in and we already spent the money!! But I am looking forward to viewing the Tea Parties around the USA.. Our neighbor is in Washington DC and she mentioned that she is going to the tea party of there.. Glenn Beck will be in San Antonio, TX today.. Oh they are having some parties in Boise, ID also..

Not much going on, just trying to make myself work.. I found a job that i can do from home, but I can not get myself to work.. I get mad at myself...

ok, happy tax day!!!

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